Special Collections

The Office of History and Culture’s Special Collections includes documents, photographs, and artifacts of early Denton County people and places.

Special Collections is open by appointment only. Appointments should be made at least one week in advance to ensure the availability of the archival materials requested. Contact Kim Cupit via our form to make an appointment or 940-349-2853.

Guidelines & Services

Items in our collection are only to be viewed under the supervision of a staff member. Archival materials are rare, unique, and original, and must be handled with care. Researchers may be asked to wear cotton gloves when handling archival materials. Please follow and adhere by any instructions given by staff members.

Staff reserves the right to restrict the use of materials that are not yet processed or arranged, as well as materials of exceptional value or fragile condition.

Publishing Archival Materials

Written permission from a staff member must be obtained before publishing archival materials. In giving permission to copy, quote from, or publish, the Office of History and Culture does not surrender its own right to publish such material or to grant permission to others to do so. Archival material will not be reproduced in violation of copyright laws. It is the responsibility for the use of material obtained from the Office of History and Culture’s archives and conformity to the law of defamation, privacy, and copyright.

For more information, contact the museum staff.