Public Service Projects

Constable and their deputies have donated their law enforcement services to many community projects. They have assisted other law enforcement agencies at airline crashes, floods, and hostile situations.

Constables have taken over patrol duties for local law enforcement agencies so that those agencies might conduct group agency training or to allow all assigned officers to attend a Christmas dinner with their families.

Required Public Notice for Law Enforcement Support Office (LESO) Program:
In order to best serve you, the public, and maximize the use of your tax dollar, the Denton County Constable Office Precinct 2 participates in the Law Enforcement Support Program (LESO). Based on needs identified to ensure this office can fulfill its mission to you, during the fiscal year this office may request and acquire controlled property from the LESO program. The controlled property may be from one or more of the following categories: 
Aircraft (Fixed & Rotary), Aircraft parts, Armored Vehicles (MRAPs, Peacekeepers, Armored HMMWVs & NTAVs), Vehicle parts, Weapon-mounted optics & lasers, Handheld Optics & lasers, Weapons (pistols, shotguns, long rifles), Weapon modification kits, Weapon parts, Training Weapons. Night Vision Devices (including thermal equipment), Optical & sighting equipment (range finders, boresights etc), Tactical cargo vehicles (HMMWV, Cargo trucks), Watercraft, Unmanned Ground Vehicles (all robots), Wheel assemblies, Tools (hand, pneumatic & power), Purpose-built Handheld Breaching Equipment, Decontamination Equipment, Computers & peripherals, Camouflage & deception equipment, Radio & Telephone Equipment, Generators, Lighting & observation towers, Riot gear (helmets, face shields, fixed batons over 2 ft., wearable gear & shields), Capability Sets, and Camera Sets.