Electronic Filing & Service

The Denton County District Clerk has been accepting documents by e-filing for several years. E-filing has been permissive but as of January 1, 2014, it will be mandatory for attorneys to e-file on all civil and family cases in Denton County. This is pursuant to Supreme Court Order 13-9165. See the links below on this page for training opportunities. E-filing guides and other helpful information are also available at eFile Texas.

Requesting Issuances Through the E-Filing System

  • The request form must be a separate lead document (it is not an exhibit to another document, so please do not add it as an attachment to another lead document).
  • Select the Filing Code: On New Suits select "Application" and on Subsequent filings select "Request."
  • Select the correct Issuance Fee under "Optional Services."
  • If requesting issuances to be served by Certified mail or through the Denton County Constable or Sheriff, the fees for a copy of the Pleading to be served need to be paid. Select "Copy(ies) for Service ($1 per page).
  • If a Denton County Constable or Sheriff is to serve the issuance, please select the appropriate service fee under Optional Services.
  • Upload the "Request for Issuance form" and do not attach the pleading to be served.
  • Complete the e-filing submission.