Probate / Mental Health

Probate Helpful Tips

  • Documents filed under seal or presented to court in camera cannot be eFiled Texas Rule of Civil Procedure 21 (f) (4).
  • A 1099 Registry Information Sheet must be completed and filed for each recipient of registry funds.
  • Our office requires that any issuances requested be in writing. Fees must be paid at time of request. There are helpful forms attached below.
  • A Private Professional Guardian applications must be renewed each year Estate Code section 1104.303 & section 1104.304
  • Probate Court Requirements
    • Hearing or court requirement questions must be directed to the Probate Court Administrator Nydia Godinez at 940-349-2140.
    • Mental health questions must be directed to the Mental Health Administrator Isabel Hernandez at 940-349-2146.
    • Order Approving Bond is required when filing a Cash Bond. 
    • A Personal Representative General Information (PRGI) must be filled out by the Executor/Executrix, Administrator, Guardian, or Temporary Guardian  before Letters or Certificate of Temporary Administration, Letters of Testamentary, Letters or Certificate of Temporary Guardianship, Letter of Guardianship or Letters of Administration can be issued.
  • JBCC will obtain a criminal history background report for each guardianship applicant who submits the required registration information under Rule 10.2 (a) and provide it to the clerk for exclusive use of the court.

No Personal Checks