Probate / Mental Health


Effective June 1, 2018, JBCC will obtain a criminal history background report for each guardianship applicant who submits the required registration information under Rule 10.2(a) and provide it to the clerk for the exclusive use of the Court. 

Updated Registry Information 

  • Releases
    When a party is receiving interest, a Registry Information Sheet must be filled out with the person or entity information. The information must include a social security number or tax ID number. 
  • Deposits
    When money is being deposited on behalf of a minor, a Registry Information Sheet must be completed.

Probate Helpful Tips

  • Please make sure that you have a PRGI filled out by the Executor or Executrix. This must be filed with the clerks before Letters can be issued.
  • All requests for issuance must be in writing. There are helpful forms attached here for your use.
  • There must be an Order Approving Bond when a Bond is filed, whether for Cash or Surety.
  • A Citation by Posting must be requested and paid for when filing an "Application for Sale of Real Property"
  • When filing an "Objection" to an Application for Sale of Real Property, please make sure that the objection is clearly stated in the title. The clerks have an obligation to bring these to the Judge’s attention as soon as possible.
  • Private Professional Guardian applications must be renewed each year.
  • Registry Money: Please make sure that the "interest" is addressed in your Order Releasing Funds from the Registry of the Court.
  • "In Camera" - Please make sure that the words "In Camera" are placed at the top of your document. This means that these documents are not to be filed for public record.
  • Please send a self- addressed stamped envelope with any copies you would like returned to your office. 
  • Please stamp "copy" on all copies to ensure that they are the same document. Many documents are received that are meant to be different filings, but there seems no significant difference between them. Clerks cannot read and interpret entire documents to determine whether they are copies or a separate filing.
  • If your documents are stapled together they will be treated as one document. Each document intended to be filed for record must be stapled separately. View the Local Rules (PDF).
  • All questions regarding hearings must be directed to the Probate Court Administrator Nydia Godinez, 940-349-2140
  • Questions regarding Mental Health hearings must be directed to the Mental Health Coordinator Administrator Isabel Hernandez, 940-349-2146

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