Constable Precinct 6

Constable Precinct 6 PatchConstables began making contributions to Texas History in 1823 when two were appointed by Stephen F. Austin's original colony, a group of western settlers who expanded rapidly into the territories of the Texas Republic.

Constable Richard Bachus and his staff strive to provide quality law enforcement services to the citizens of Denton County.  In addition to the execution of civil orders and process in Precinct 6, Constable Bachus and his Deputies regularly respond to calls for service, handle traffic collision scenes, investigate reported criminal activity and conduct traffic enforcement in areas identified by the Constable’s office or reported to the Constable’s office.  

Constables are elected officials.  Both constables and their appointed deputies are fully empowered peace officers.  Constables and deputy constables receive the same required training as any other law enforcement officer in the state of Texas.  Constables and deputy constables complete additional training specific to the execution and enforcement of civil court orders and process. Deputies will provide enforcement at civil standbys (By Court order only).

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