Fire Code

Commercial Applications & Certificate of Compliance

The Fire Marshal’s Office conducts inspections on commercial businesses as well as high hazard operations and fire protection systems in the unincorporated areas of Denton County, Texas per International Fire Code 2015 edition and amendments as outlined in the Denton County Fire Code (PDF).

The Fire Code is intended to meet the minimum standards and requirements to reduce the risk of loss in property and life and provide the citizens with safe environments to live, work, and play. 

Construction Permits

Construction Permits (PDF) apply to the construction of all commercial buildings, public access, and multi-family housing of four units or more. Find more information on procedures for submitting construction permits and permit submission process and by reviewing the Permit and Plan Review Process (PDF).

Applicants filling out this application must also include the completed Plan Review Checklist (PDF) and the Fire Code Review Sheet Adobe (PDF) when submitting documents for plan review.

Fire Protection Systems

State Licensed Contractors designing/install fire protection systems must fill out their own Fire Protection System Application (PDF) and apply for a permit for the system. A separate application must be filled out and permit obtained for each separate type of system being installed. Review the Permit Fee Schedule (PDF) for more information on permitting costs.

Small Tenant Improvements

Some lease space build buildouts less than 5,000 square feet are eligible to complete the Small Tenant Improvement Application (PDF) instead of the full Construction Permit Application. Review the procedure document (PDF) to determine if you fall under this application process. 

Temporary Structures

If you are only changing the name and/or owner of an existing business you may qualify for the Change of Name/Ownership Affidavit (PDF). Review the form to determine if you meet the criteria and contact our office. You will need to submit the Temporary Structures and Uses Permit Application (PDF) and payment to our office. An inspector will then contact you to schedule an inspection and issue a new Certificate of Compliance.

Construction and Special Events that will be utilizing temporarily placed structures, tents or canopies are required to file a permit with the Fire Marshal’s Office. The event type, indoor or outdoor, may cover Fireworks Displays, Assemblies, Vending and Trade (including fireworks), Medical/Health Care, Carnivals, Fairs, Festivals, Revivals, Mercantile/Business and Educational.

Oil & Gas Well Permits

Oil and Gas Well construction is a specialized process that requires a permit application (PDF) to be submitted. For more information on the submission process see the Oil and Gas Well Construction Sites section on the Construction and Operational Permits page.

Operational Permits

See the Permit Fee List (PDF) for a List of Operational Permits required to be filed with the Fire Marshal Office.

Fireworks: The structures "Operating Stands" for the retail sale of fireworks and temporary storage of fireworks/explosives "Magazines" require Operational permits.

The Construction and Operational Permits Application Requirements page provides details on the application and processing of permits submitted to the Fire Marshal Office.

All required information and fees must be submitted with the Operational Permit Application (PDF) to be considered complete. The Denton County Fire Code may have additional requirements relating to certain projects. Individuals can contact the Fire Marshal Office and discuss project proposal details or set up a meeting to preview projects prior to submission.

Additional Permits Required

Most new projects first require a permit from The Denton County Planning Department before submitting for a permit through Denton County Emergency Services. For more information on Planned Development in Denton County visit the Denton County Planning Division.

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