Civil Department


Updated Registry Information - Before any Registry Funds can be released, a Registry Information Sheet must be filled out with the person's or entity's information (those receiving the funds) once the Order to release the funds is signed by the Judge. The information must include social security numbers and/or tax ID numbers. The only time we need the Registry information sheet when money is being deposited is when it is being deposited on behalf of a minor.

Civil Helpful Tips

  • The file clerks/cashiers are located on the 1st floor - through the glass doors that are in front of the elevators. The civil courtroom has moved to the 2nd floor.
  • All requests for issuance must be in writing. There are helpful forms attached here for your use.
  • There must be an Order Approving Bond when a Surety Bond is filed.
  • Registry Money: Please make sure that the "interest" is addressed in your Order Releasing Funds from the Registry of the Court.
  • Please send a self-addressed stamped envelope with any copies you would like returned to your office.
  • Clerks cannot read and interpret entire documents to determine whether they are copies or a separate filing.
  • If your documents are stapled together they will be treated as one document. Each document intended to be filed for record must be stapled separately.
  • All questions regarding hearings must be directed to the Civil Court Administrator Cassy Miller, (940) 349-2120

No Personal Checks