Duties & Responsibilities

Primary duties and responsibilities of the Denton County Budget Office include:

  1. Preparation of the annual County Budget:
    • Distributing a Budget Manual to all County departments
    • Gathering and processing budget requests from all County departments
    • Holding departmental budget hearings to discuss funding levels and other policy issues
    • Holding departmental budget workshops and online budgeting training sessions
    • Implementing the adopted budget
    • Preparing a Recommended Budget to present to Commissioners Court
  2. Maintenance of the Adopted Budget throughout the fiscal year:
    • Processing of Budget Amendments
    • Processing of Intra-Departmental Operating Transfers
  3. Preparation and distribution of Budget Documents:

The Denton County Budget Office has published a Budget in Brief (PDF) for use as an easy reference source and brief summary of the annual Denton County Budget.

The Budget in Brief booklets are available by contacting the Denton County Budget Office or can be printed from the site.