Duties & Responsibilities

What We Do

The Denton County Budget Office is responsible for preparation of the County’s annual budget, which we present to Commissioners Court for final approval.  The Budget Office is also responsible for overseeing budgetary policies, operations, plans and procedures. When the Budget Office is not working on the annual operating budget, we spend our time on payroll reports, year-round budget amendments, and capital project planning.

Documents the Budget Office Produces

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Distribute a Budget Manual to all County departments
  • Offer in-person budget training sessions to County budget users
  • Process budget amendments throughout the year
  • Oversee funding related to the Capital Improvement Program
  • Update payroll budget with payroll changes in the financial management system

The Denton County Budget Office has published a Budget in Brief (PDF) for use as an easy reference source and brief summary of the annual Denton County Budget.

The Budget in Brief booklets are available by contacting the Denton County Budget Office or can be printed from the site.