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Mary Horn
Denton County Judge

September 26, 2008
Dear Denton County Resident:

As the Denton County Judge, I want to take this opportunity to provide you with some background information used to develop the Transportation Road Improvement Program - 2008 (TRIP-08).

As you know, Denton County’s population and employment continues to grow at significant rates. As more and more people choose to take advantage of all that Denton County has to offer, diligence is required to ensure that the transportation infrastructure will be in place to serve both existing and future residents. In 2004, Denton County voters approved the TRIP-04 Bond Program totaling $186,970,000. To date, we have leveraged that funding into $2,000,000,000 in much needed transportation projects. That is a 975% return!

Many changes have occurred within transportation since the passing of the TRIP-04 Bond Program. Federal and state transportation funding dollars, which fell short of meeting existing mobility needs coming out of the gate, were slashed twice in the past two years. As state and federal agencies scrambled to offer "innovative financing" alternatives, Denton County once again found itself, through efficient planning, way ahead of the game.

After many hours of work, and input from the Denton County Transportation Committee and the Denton County Capital Improvements Committee, the Denton County Commissioners Court voted on August 26, 2008 to call a November 4, 2008 bond election that includes the attached roadway and CIP projects for the Denton County 2008 Bond Package, subsequently named the Transportation Road Improvement Program - 2008 and More or TRIP-08 and More.

TRIP-08 will provide Denton County with the tools it needs to further guarantee that our roadway system will be able to accommodate the County’s future growth. Providing the required local participation funds to advance the many on-system projects, critical to Denton County citizens, TRIP-08 also has a strong focus on local roads both within and between our cities. Our citizens are linked by many arterial roadways that have been operating at or near capacity for years, as well as small asphalt and substandard roads under stress from increased heavy truck and local traffic. Many new schools have been built and filled within Denton County over the past 4 years. Working closely with elected officials and staff from cities within Denton County, the citizens’ bond committee has endeavored to address these critical local needs.

TRIP-08 balances our regional and local needs and helps us achieve our critical transportation goals. TRIP-08 will address our major transportation priorities and allow the County to implement them in a fashion most responsive to our traveling public while being respectful of your valuable tax dollar. We hope that we can count on your support on Election Day for these critical initiatives that will allow Denton County to continue to provide the infrastructure necessary to improve the quality of life for our residents.


Mary Horn Signature

Mary Horn
Denton County Judge


Mike Nowels Signature

Mike Nowels
Chair, TRIP-08 and More Committee

Trip 'O8 and More2008 Bond Program

  • Citizen’s Transportation Committee met over several months to review and vet proposed bond projects
  • Process incorporated input from staff and elected officials from all Cities and Towns within Denton County
  • Bond program authorization amount was project driven
  • Project types: Regionally Significant/Multi-Jurisdictional, Safety Projects, Congestion Relief, Economic Development
  • Focus on projects with partnership potential
  • Funding by precinct is equitable