Volunteering on County Boards & Committees

The Denton County Commissioners Court appoints a number of Boards and Committees which advise and assist in governing County programs. Primarily members of those boards/committees are appointed in January of odd-numbered years. A list of volunteers is maintained throughout the year, however, since vacancies may occur at other times.

If you are interested in serving Denton County and would like to be considered for appointment to a committee or board, please send a brief statement of qualifications and experience to your County Commissioner or to the County Judge to ask to be considered for a particular committee or board. The Commissioners Court member makes the final appointment decision.

Listed in the following is information concerning the roles and functions of the various County boards and committees; if you have questions about any of these volunteer positions, please do not hesitate to contact your County Commissioner or the County Judge for more information.

Boards & Committees Forms