Filming Policy

Effective: September 28, 2010

Statement of Purpose

Denton County Commissioners Court recognizes the attractiveness of the Courthouse- on-the-Square and the usefulness of other County buildings and property for filming purposes. In order to ensure the safety and preservation of County property and employees and of the general public, the following policy shall dictate the conditions and procedures that must be followed before and during any such use of County property for filming purposes.


  • Any request for use of County property for filming purposes shall be submitted in writing to the Commissioners Court including a description of the project, intended use of County property, detailed drawings of all proposed alterations, pertinent script, and schedule. Requests should be submitted twenty-one (21) days in advance of the requested use to the Office of the County Judge. A non- refundable process fee of $1,000 shall be submitted with each building request. Should the proposed filming be approved, the process fee will be applied as a credit against the fees detailed in the contractual location agreement.
  • Elected officials or appointed directors of County departments whose operations may be affected by a particular use shall be notified by the County Judge that an application has been made. Elected officials or department heads objecting to the special use shall notify Commissioners Court of their objection within one week of receiving notice of the application.
  • The Office of the County Judge will function as liaison to Commissioners Court and other County departments as to all approvals, objections, scheduling, billing and all other matters regarding the use of County property for filming.
  • A Public Facilities "project representative" will be designated and all project coordination shall be conducted through that individual. At the completion of the filming, the Public Facilities project representative will be responsible for inspecting all buildings and property and ensuring that all damage resulting from the use is repaired.
  • Anyone requesting use of County property for a commercial purpose (hereinafter "Producer") shall be required to execute a contractual Location Agreement, which agreement shall be approved by Commissioners Court before execution, for said use.
  • The Producer shall submit to the County a security/damage deposit in an amount equal to the estimated fees to be charged the Producer for the use and filming, security/maintenance labor costs, and estimated cost for utilities, which amount will be subject to approval by Commissioners Court. The deposit shall be in line with the length and scope of the project and in a sufficient amount to recover the County’s loss in the event of the Producer’s default on the contract and the potential for damage to County property, which may include restoration of County property to its original state prior to use. The County will retain the total deposit until all terms and provisions of the contract/agreement are met.
  • The Producer shall provide the County, prior to use, a liability/personal injury policy in the amount of $1,000,000 payable to Denton County for any property or personal injury damages that is not paid by the Producer within thirty (30) days of notice of such damage.
  • Cost for the use of occupied interior space that will cause disruption of a County property’s normal use shall be a minimum of $1,000 per day. This fee reflects full use and services of the space requested excluding security/maintenance services and actual costs of utilities. Cost per day is subject to be increased if the actual value of such space is determined to be in excess of the minimum fee.
  • Cost for the use of unoccupied interior space that will not cause a disruption of the property’s normal use shall be a minimum of $150 per day. This fee is in addition to security/maintenance services and actual costs of utilities.
  • Cost for the use of the exterior of any County buildings or grounds for commercial purposes, excluding security/maintenance services, shall be $150 per day.
  • Cost for all or part of any day of filming on County property for a commercial, television, or movie production shall be $1,000; cost for local non-profit commercial use shall be $250 per day. This cost is in addition to those stated in rule 7, 8 and 9.
  • Any use of County property beyond the contract period shall cause the payment to the County to increase by two times the scheduled rate for the entire period of use.
  • In the event that use is completed before the end of the contract period, Producer will pay all fees through the term of the contract in its entirety.
  • Denton County will bill Producer weekly during the contract period and payment shall be due within seven days thereafter.
  • Denton County security services shall be required during all hours of access to County property by the Producer, its representatives, personnel, employees, contractors, subcontractors, or other individuals, companies or persons associated through mutual interest with the Producer during the contract period. Security services will be billed at the rate of $25 per officer per location. Security services are for the sole benefit of Denton County and will not be available to protect and serve interests of the Producer.
  • Should Denton County maintenance services be requested by the Producer for any use of building support services, County maintenance services will be billed at the hourly rate of $25 per individual.
  • Producer shall provide for the total cost of any relocation of parking or other facility support function and guarantee complete compensation due from any lease agreements between the County and contractors. This shall include the loss of revenue caused by Producer’s project.
  • Any alterations to the County buildings and grounds shall be clearly stated in the Location Agreement. Producer shall compensate the County for the services of a consultant architect/engineer to review and approve all alterations to County property should it be deemed necessary by the County. Upon completion of the property’s use, Producer shall remove from County property all structures, equipment and other materials placed by Producer thereon and completely restore the property to a condition that is the same as or better than the condition it was in prior to the Producer’s use.
  • Any construction by the Producer on County property shall be prohibited unless stated in the approved contract/agreement.
  • Except for the rigging of lights on or off roof areas, construction is prohibited on the roof of any County building.
  • Use of County property is defined as planned or actual occupancy of any County space, property or premises that alters, restricts, prohibits or hinders the County’s use of such space or alters the appearance of such space, property or premise. Use is not complete until the property is restored as required under the terms of the location agreement.
  • At no time during the contract period will the Producer disrupt the normal operation of County business. Should it be determined by the County’s representative that any activity is disruptive, upon verbal or written notice, said activity shall cease and only resume at a time and /or place that will not be disruptive.
  • Producer shall indemnify County for any loss and liability incurred as a result of any property damage to County property and property located thereon or personal injury occurring on or near the premises.
  • Applicants desiring to film at the Courthouse-on-the-Square or at the Historical Park of Denton County for commercial purposes must obtain from the Denton County Historical Commission written recommendation outlining the proposed access, which recommendation shall be contingent on the final approval of the Commissioners Court. Applicants desiring to use the interior of the Courthouse-on-the-Square are limited to areas that will not interfere with or be deemed detrimental to curatorial requirements of the Denton County Museums.
  • Requests to film Museum artifacts and displays at the Courthouse-on-the-Square or at the Historical Park of Denton County, including the interior of the buildings at the Park, are subject to the terms and conditions set forth by the Museum Committee of the Denton County Historical Commission and may be approved only by the Museums’ designee.
  • Denton County reserves the right to deny approval of any request for use of County property which, in the opinion of the Denton County Commissioners Court, may disrupt or hamper normal business activity, offend public visitors to County buildings, portray obscene or illegal activities, or adversely affect the reputation of Denton County by association of its buildings with real or imaginary events being depicted.
  • Any permit required by the city in which Producer wishes to film must be submitted (a copy) by Producer with its application to Commissioners Court.
  • Denton County reserves the right to waive any fees in circumstances including but not limited to the following: 
    • Filming solicited by Denton County to promote Denton County 
    • Filming solicited by the Denton County Historical Commission or Denton County Museums to promote the history and heritage of Denton County
    • Any other filming project the Denton County Commissioners Court deems to serve a County public purpose

Revised by: Commissioners Court Date: September 29, 2010
Approved by: Commissioners Court Date: June 14, 1994


Please contact the Aide to Commissioners Court Office to request:

  • Filming Permit Application
  • Location Agreement and Release of Liability for Filming