362nd Judicial District Court Cases Transferred to 481st District Court - Civil

362nd to 481st - Civil Order only
362nd Judicial District Court Cases Transferred to 481st District Court - Civil

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20-8208-431362nd Judicial District CourtCivilLewisville Independent School District vs. Ali Umear
20-8221-362362nd Judicial District CourtCivilMichelle Wiley vs Tiffany Mischelle Rimmer
20-8257-362362nd Judicial District CourtCivilNanette Bourzac vs Walmart, Inc. d/b/a Walmart #217, and D.H. Pace Company, Inc.
20-8275-362362nd Judicial District CourtCivilThe County Of Denton, Texas  vs.  Gerardo Cruz Maldonado AKA Gerardo C. Maldonado AKA Gerardo Maldonado Et Al
20-8357-362362nd Judicial District CourtCivilDenton Independent School District, The City Of Denton And The County Of Denton, Texas  vs.  Danny Smith Individually D/B/A North Texas Cutz; North Texas Cutz LLC; Wells Fargo Bank National Association Business Direct Division, As Lienholder (In Rem Only)
20-8390-362362nd Judicial District CourtCivilKelvin Milton Joseph, Jr. Individually and Kelvin Milton Joseph Jr. as Next Friend of Theo Jonathan Antone, vs. Casey Michelle Ellis
20-8481-367362nd Judicial District CourtCivilLewisville Independent School District And City Of Carrollton  vs.     David S Schneider
20-8830-362362nd Judicial District CourtCivilElizabeth Godwin vs Ryan Joseph Cohen
21-1249-362362nd Judicial District CourtCivilWells Fargo Bank, NA  VS  Joel Chappell
21-1293-362362nd Judicial District CourtCivilAmerican Credit Acceptance VS Sharon Lee
21-1302-362362nd Judicial District CourtCivilAna Tapia  VS     Thomas Dale Ouellette
21-1342-431362nd Judicial District CourtCivilLewisville Independent School District  vs.  Charles A. Miller, AKA Charles Anthony Miller, Et Al
21-1424-362362nd Judicial District CourtCivilRamon Yanes vs Lauren Beverly Wheeley
21-1486-362362nd Judicial District CourtCivilJohn George Stewart as the Trustee of the 2015 John George Stewart Trust U/D/T March 6, 2015 v. Jason Malyk and Laguna Homes Inc
21-1581-362362nd Judicial District CourtCivilGrimes Well Servicing, LLC, v. Mark A. Burkett, Stacie L. Harrison and CrossTex Services, LLC
21-1826-362362nd Judicial District CourtCivilShenetra Morgan vs. Fermin Borjon Garza
21-1857-362362nd Judicial District CourtCivilGarry Clark vs. GEICO County Mutual Insurance Company
21-1910-362362nd Judicial District CourtCivilCaryn Culbertson vs Promila Bajwa
21-1992-362362nd Judicial District CourtCivilChristopher Tisdale  VS  Seth Carter Richburg
21-2007-362362nd Judicial District CourtCivilThe County of Denton, Texas vs. Scrub Deals, LLC d/b/a Scrubs Uniforms
21-2022-362362nd Judicial District CourtCivilThe County Of Denton, Texas vs. SMS Communications, Inc. d/b/a 2nd Resource
21-2158-362362nd Judicial District CourtCivilNorthwest Independent School District vs. Premier Renovations Inc
21-2198-362362nd Judicial District CourtCivilSCGX-Lake Shore Crossing, LLC, successor-in-interest to J. Evans Partners 380, L.P., successor-in-interest to Shakti Properties, LLC., vs. Gerleman Group, Inc., by assignment from FXB Dalls, LLC, and Patrick Gerleman a/k/a Pat Gerleman, individually
21-2219-362362nd Judicial District CourtCivilIn Re Resilia Pharmaceuticals, Inc
21-4505-431362nd Judicial District CourtCivilCarol Dabner v B4 of Texas LLC
21-4523-362362nd Judicial District CourtCivilAgustin L. Rodriguez v. Nuria M. Escalona
21-4610-362362nd Judicial District CourtCivilCarol Dabner v. Rodney Bailey
21-4900-362362nd Judicial District CourtCivilJackie Nesmith, individually and derivatively on behalf of JNT Rental Resources, LLC v Nancy Fuller
21-4925-362362nd Judicial District CourtCivilCORE Location Advisors, LLC v. Lewisville OTD, LLC, Old Town Development Lewisville, LLC, Chris Gordon, and Justin Springfield
21-4961-362362nd Judicial District CourtCivilSoigne Pool & Patio of North Texas, LLC v Janet Johnson
21-4964-431362nd Judicial District CourtCivilLewisville Independent School District vs Chioma B. Chiawa
21-4976-362362nd Judicial District CourtCivilThe County of Denton, Texas Plaintiff  VS DCG Labs International, LLC Defendant
21-5093-431362nd Judicial District CourtCivilLewisville Independent School District vs C Michael Jones Desing Build LLC
22-0359-362362nd Judicial District CourtCivilThe City Of Plano VS Brian Goldfield
22-0386-362362nd Judicial District CourtCivilNegen Hospitality L.L.C  VS  Jessie Mann
22-0416-362362nd Judicial District CourtCivilBlitz Medical Billing, LLC VS ER Addison LLC, ER Coit LLC, ER Hulen LLC, ERnearme Plano LLC, ER 2018 Holdings LLC, ER 2018 Manager LLC, and EHC consulting, LLC D/B/A EHC Revenue Cycle Solutions
22-0444-362362nd Judicial District CourtCivilDonald Brice v. McLane Company, Inc.
22-0479-362362nd Judicial District CourtCivil206 N Oak Street, LLC VS Sage Sakari, and NAFA, LLC
22-0512-362362nd Judicial District CourtCivilSharon Lindsey VS Clear Cover Insurance
22-0532-362362nd Judicial District CourtCivilJames Black VS Allstate County Mutual Insurance Company
22-0549-362362nd Judicial District CourtCivilMary Blackstone vs. Babe's - Frisco, LLC
22-0655-362362nd Judicial District CourtCivilIn Re: Order of Foreclosure Concerning 2421 Deerwood Drive Little Elm, Tx 75068 Under Tex. R. Civ.P. 736 Us Bank Trust National Association, Not in Its Individual Capacity but Solely as Owner Trustee for VRMTG Asset Trust Jimmy Nguyen and Catherine Nguyen