481st District Court

Please be advised that the Court Coordinator is available by email only.


Please e-mail courtesy copies of your Witness Lists and the Exhibits you intend to offer during the hearing with exhibit labels on the front page of each exhibit in PDF form to Court Reporter, Kristin Anderson by noon on the business day prior to the trial/hearing.  All exhibits should always be numbered and not lettered if you choose to number them ahead of time.  However, e-mailing the exhibits to the court reporter DOES NOT constitute admission of any exhibit during said trial/hearing and all proposed exhibits need to be provided in hard copies to the judge and opposing counsel/parties on the date of the trial/hearing.

Please include the date and time of hearing in subject line of e-mail.

Exhibit Formats: For security reasons, DO NOT SEND external/cloud links to exhibits. Save each exhibit as a separate file and attach them in an e-mail. Do not send all exhibits scanned into one document file. Bring all of your proposed exhibits on the date of hearing on a USB/flash drive to leave with the official court reporter. Acceptable forms of exhibits via e-mail and USB are: Paper=PDF; Audio=MP3; Video=MP4; If you have any further questions, please e-mail Kristin Anderson, 481st Official Court Reporter.


All transcript requests need to be made in writing via the form on the website.  Firm checks and money orders are acceptable forms of payment.  If any attorney or party chooses to mail the checks, the court reporter will not be responsible for any lost checks in the mail.  It is recommended they are sent via a tracking entity by the USPS, FedEx, UPS, private courier, or hand delivery. All transcripts are delivered in PDF format.