Justice Management

The Justice Management Division is comprised of the Bailiff Unit, the Mental Health/Crisis Intervention Team, Protective Detail Unit, Extradition Unit, and Transport Unit.  The Justice Management Division is staffed by a Captain, two Lieutenants, five Sergeants, seven Investigators, sixty-five Deputies, and one Administrative Assistant.

Bailiff Unit 

The Bailiff Unit provides a uniformed Deputy to each Court in the Denton County Courthouse and the Charlie J. Cole Building (Juvenile Court).  The Bailiff maintains security and order in the courtroom and ensures the safety of the Judge, the court staff, the public, and any who may appear before the court.  The Bailiff may take reports, collect evidence and make arrests when necessary.

Mental Health/Crisis Intervention Team (MHCIT)

The Mental Health/Crisis Intervention Team (MHCIT) responds to individuals experiencing a mental health crisis anywhere in Denton County.  MHCIT Investigators assist Denton County Sheriff's Office Deputies and other local Law Enforcement Agencies in determining the most appropriate care and treatment for each individual in crisis.  The MHCIT works closely with the Denton County Mental Health Court, the Denton County MHMR Center, and all local hospitals, including Carrollton Springs, Mayhill Hospital, and University Behavioral Health Facility.

Protective Detail Unit (PDU)

The Protective Detail Unit (PDU) Deputies are assigned to the Denton County Courts Building, the Courthouse on the Square, the Charlie J. Cole Building, the Mary and Jim Horn Government Center, the Denton County Precinct 3 Government Center, the Sandy Jacobs Government Center, the Steven E. Copeland Government Center, the Frisco Government Center and the Flower Mound Southwest Courthouse.  PDU Deputies provide a visible Law Enforcement presence at each building to ensure the safety of all Denton County employees and the many citizens and visitors that conduct business with Denton County. Additionally, PDU Deputies may take reports, collect evidence and make arrests when necessary.

Fugitive Extradition 

The Extradition Unit is responsible for offenders who have absconded. The primary purpose is to help coordinate the apprehension and return of wanted individuals between Law Enforcement agencies. This includes other States as well as our own. We work with other agencies and the courts to bring criminals back to Texas and deliver them to other agencies.

Transport Unit

The Transport Unit conducts inmate transports for several entities and fulfills various roles for the Sheriff’s Office.  Those duties consist of Inmate movement to and from courtroom appearances, escorting arrests made in the courtroom and performing the book-in-process, transports to Texas Department of Criminal Justice units throughout the state, and transport to and from the six surrounding counties conducting warrant services.  The team also transports Inmates to federal court appearances; magistrate court; to and from drug/or alcohol treatment facilities throughout the state; and out-of-facility medical appointments and procedures.