Technology Services maintains the Denton County website as a public service.  This website is designed to make it easier and more efficient for Denton County citizens and businesses to interact with their county government.  The County is committed to making this website accessible to all citizens, regardless of physical status, cognitive ability, or technology.

This policy describes the County's practices regarding accessibility for visitors to this website. This policy describes how the website is created and maintained.  Denton County may, at its sole discretion, change modify, add, or delete portions of this policy. Because this accessibility policy only applies to this website (all pages in domains,,, and, you should examine the accessibility policy of any website you access through this website.

Denton County recognizes its responsibility to deliver services and information that are accessible and useable by all people, including those with disabilities.

We will devote the time and resources necessary to ensure that all users enjoy access to our services and information.

It is the responsibility of everyone at Denton County to deliver on this commitment.

Our policy is founded on two fundamental principles:

  • Awareness
  • Responsibility

Accessibility Awareness

We believe that it is essential for our employees to be informed about the challenges faced by disabled users and the technologies available to improve the user experience. We believe that when the challenges confronted by disabled users are known, solutions can be incorporated in the research and design of information technologies. As part of the Denton County Accessibility Policy, we are raising the awareness of employees with respect to accessibility issues through the following practices:

We provide our employees with information describing the challenges faced by members of the disability community when attempting to access government services and information.

We educate our employees with respect to how assistive technologies can help disabled users access government information and services.

Denton County will distribute to employees, and post on the Denton County website, the Denton County Accessibility Policy.

Taking Responsibility for Developing Accessible Services and Information

At Denton County, we are integrating accessibility considerations into the research and design of the Denton County website.

Denton County has established a development Accessibility Checklist. The Checklist enables designers and publishers to identify important access issues when designing new pages and services.

Denton County website managers will consult and refer to the Accessibility Checklist when developing new pages and services. And will consider that their decisions regarding accessibility reflect both intended applications and relevant business demands.

Adhering to and furthering this accessibility policy will be a part of the evaluation of the job performances of relevant Denton County employees.

Providing information to our disabled members on how best to access our products and services.

Information used to create this website

This policy has been developed using the World Wide Web Consortium Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 1.0, Recommendation 5-May-1999.  This document may be found at the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 website ».  Denton County will continue to do revisions to accommodate changes in technology and test the future releases of this site. We are committed to maintaining its compliance and serving the largest possible audience. 

Approved by Denton County Commissioners Court, June 18, 2002