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Ryan Williams is a conservative christian, family man, successful businessman, youth sports coach and law enforcement officer.

Ryan was raised in Denton County and has spent most of his life here. Ryan is happily married to his wife Amber, and they have a 15-year-old son named Cole. They live in Sanger, Texas. 

Ryan learned to compete in sports as a child, and continued to play sports at a high level through high school and college. From the time Ryan was a child, he wanted to be a law enforcement officer, and began police ride-alongs at the age of 15. 

Ryan went to work as a sales rep in the medical industry out of college and quickly became the top ranked sales rep, and eventually a sales manager. Ryan would go on to become CEO of Williams Surgical Specialties, which eventually became Priority One, and the company was one of the leading medical device and repair companies in the US. Ryan sold the company in 2017 and retired. 

Ryan has been a non-paid reserve police officer for the last 18 years in Denton County and very much enjoys serving the public. Ryan and his wife, Amber, love to be on their ranch with their assortment of almost 70 animals and are active with their son's sports. They are heavily involved in giving back to charity and, in 2019, started a 501c3 called Honoring Our Heroes of Denton County, which helps law enforcement officers and their families who have been injured or in need. 

Ryan was just elected to serve as County Commissioner for Precinct 1, which covers a portion of Denton County.