Foreclosure Posting Procedure: Electronic Option

Our office recognizes the benefits of being able to submit foreclosure postings via email.

So that notices can still be viewed by the public within the public posting area of the building, County Clerk staff will place any posting submitted via email in the foreclosure binder accessible to the public. This is in addition to postings being made available online. 

Please review and follow the steps below if you chose to submit postings via email.

  • Trustees/Submitters that choose to submit postings via email:
  • This email account dedicated to submitting postings will be checked each business day at 3:30 pm. Any posting sent to this account for that given day will be processed between 3:30-4:30 pm and will receive a date/time stamp accordingly. Posting will receive a time stamp of 3:30 pm or later, but will reflect the date in which they were emailed. Postings will receive a physical stamp - no longer electronic. Which means postings will no longer be time stamped for the time in which the email was received.
    • Please note, if your email containing postings is received after 3:30 pm on any given day, the postings attached to that email will be processed the next business day. Any emails received on a Saturday, Sunday, or Denton County observed holiday will not be processed until the next business day.
  • Upon receiving and processing postings, County Clerk staff will reply to your email and provide you with stamped copies of your postings as well as your receipt for payment.
  • Filed postings will be uploaded into Vanguard as usual and will be viewable on-line at the Recording Search Page.
  • Please allow up to 24 hours before postings become viewable on-line.
  • County Clerk staff will also place filed postings within the designated foreclosure binder for public view within the Courts Building. This applies to postings submitted via email only.