Detention Bureau Support

The Support Section of the jail staff one Lieutenant, six sergeants, seven corporals, and 41 detention officers – all engaged in the duties of the following areas: 


  • Inmate Disciplinary and Grievance Unit Booking/Release Unit 
  • Inmate Mail Unit Classification/Inmate Housing Unit 
  • Inmate Property Unit 
  • Front Desk Unit 
  • Bail Bond Board 

Additional Responsibilities of the Support section include; 

  • Liaisons to Court Personnel, Judiciary, DA's Office, U.S. Marshals, County and District Clerk's Offices  
  • Sheriff's Representative Assigned to the Denton County Bail Bond Board  
  • Standing Complaint Committee Member of the Bail Bond Board  
  • Bail Bond Board –Bond Company Auditor for Compliance with the Texas Occupations Code  
  • Bail Bond Board License Application Auditor  
  • Facility Population Management (Early Release Due to Overcrowding and Medical Issues)  
  • State Paper Ready/Population/Immigration/Serious Incident Monthly Reporting  
  • Yearly State Jail Inspection of Inmate Files/Records Oversight  
  • Daily/Monthly/Yearly Population Statistics Compilation  
  • Juvenile Jail Log Management and Yearly Reporting  
  • U.S. Census Population Reporting  
  • Bench Warrant Approval to Other Agencies  
  • Bond Runner Approval and Criminal History Check  
  • Approval of Out of State Convicted Inmates to serve sentences at Denton County  
  • Annual S.C.A.A.P. Reporting Regarding Alien Population and Inmate Days Served  
  • Veteran Assistance Coordination for Detention  
  • Yearly U.S.M. Jail Inspection