Communications Division

Communications Command Center

The Communications Division comprises 47 employees: 1 Manager, 1 Assistant Manager, 1 Trainer, 1 C.J.I.S. Coordinator, 4 Shift Supervisors, 9 Communications Officer II, and 30 Communications Officers.  Each employee is a Licensed Telecommunicator with the State of Texas, obtains TCIC/NCIC/TLETS certification from the State of Texas, and is certified in Advanced Emergency Medical Dispatch Protocols from the National Academy of Emergency Dispatch.  The Communications Division maintains a minimum staffing of 6 Communications Officers and 1 Supervisor per shift.  Three law enforcement radio channels are manned 24/7, along with two fire dispatchers, a relief console, and a call taker. 

The Communications Division receives, processes, and prioritizes E9-1-1 emergency and non-emergency telephone calls for 25 police departments, 11 fire departments, 13 various State and local agencies, and all unincorporated Denton County. The Communications Division dispatches calls for service to these same departments while logging critical information and the status of emergency responders quickly and efficiently into a complex Computer Aided Dispatch System.  Locations of emergency responders are checked regularly for safety.  Communications Officers are required to make life and death decisions quickly, process and log all information promptly and provide customer service to all internal and external customers.  

 During the fiscal year 2021-2022, the Communications Division processed 76,099 E9-1-1 Emergency telephone calls and 323,630 telephone calls, emergency and non-emergency.  Communications Officers processed over 78,000 officer responses to public requests and over 240,000 officer-initiated activities.  In addition, over 23,000 calls for service were processed for the Fire/E.M.S. departments we serve.   ,