Criminal Investigations Division

The Criminal Investigations Division (C.I.D.) of the Denton County Sheriff's Office conducts criminal investigations reported in unincorporated portions of Denton County that has an estimated population of 110,000 persons. C.I.D. is often called upon to assist local, state, and Federal agencies with criminal investigations and crime scene investigations.  Investigators prepare cases for prosecution and provide both direct and expert testimony in State, District, and Federal Court.  The C.I.D. forensic unit conducts crime scene investigations, evidence collection, scene reconstruction, and lab processing for the Denton County Sheriff's Office.  Forensics is often called upon by over 20 other smaller law enforcement agencies inside the county to process major crime scenes and provide evidence processing in the lab.  The forensics unit is also responsible for storage, inventory, and dispositions of thousands of pieces of evidence collected as a result of investigations.