School Safety Presentations

Community Relations Presentations:

The Denton County Sheriff’s Office Community Relations Unit are available to speak throughout the County on various topics for citizens to gain enriched awareness.  The Community Relations Unit is comprised of three deputies and a Capitan who oversees the unit. Their careers combined are over 70 years of experience.   Deputies in the unit have various backgrounds with and in-depth understanding of Denton County, starting in the Denton County Detention Unit, attending the Sheriff’s Academy, and moving to the Patrol Unit and other Specialized Units. If you would like to schedule a deputy to speak with your group, school, club, or organization; contact Capitan Orlando “Hino” Hinojosa at 940-349-1515 or by email

Below are a few of the topics of interest…

  • School Safety: Safety of the youth of Denton County is a priority for the Denton County Sheriff’s Office.  Partnering with Independent School Districts in the area allows the DCSO Community Relations Unit available to speak to your campus, group, and students about Peer Pressure, Sexting, Bullying, Internet Safety, Dating Violence, Consequences of Alcohol/Drugs and more.  
  • Internet/Social Media Safety for Teens and Parents: Internet and Social Media Safety for Teens and Parents is a presentation that discusses how the internet and social media is being used by teens, red flags for parents to watch for, how criminals use the internet and social media to “hook” teens, and legal consequences for miss use.
  • My First Traffic Stop:  A New Driver Interaction: In 2018 Texas Senate Bill 30 passed in an effort to teach new drivers how to interact with law enforcement during traffic stops. The law now requires that teens, new drivers and police officers be specifically taught on police and citizen interactions.  The driver will learn the duties of officers, citizen rights, proper behavior during an interaction, and how to make a complaint if needed.  My First Traffic Stop is offered to assist new drivers to meet this requirement.
  • Senior Citizen Safety:  Senior citizens’ safety presentation are conducted throughout the year in senior living communities throughout Denton County.  Presentations focus on Fraud, ID Theft, Personal Safety, and Senior Scams are a few topics that are taught. The goal of this program is giving seniors the tools they need to identify when fraud could be taking place and effectively reporting the activity.
  • Denton County Crime Stoppers:  Crime in any area of Denton County is a concern to all citizens who reside, work, visit or do business.  DCCS is a resource for all citizens to provide information to law enforcement and still remain anonymous.  A presentation by the coordinator will explain how Crime Stoppers works, the history behind it, and how it is a great resource to law enforcement throughout Denton County.
  • Neighborhood Crime Watch:  Neighborhood Crime Watch is a crime prevention program which enlist the active participation of the citizens of Denton County in cooperation with the Denton County Sheriff’s Office with the goal of reducing criminal activity in your community.  It relies on the best crime fighting tool ever intended… a watchful neighbor.  The Community Relations Unit can assist your area in starting a program.
  • Stalking Awareness: Stalking awareness is a presentation that defines what stalking is by the Texas Penal Code, states the difference of harassment vs stalking, introduces what action can be taken by the victim, and how to make a report. Stalking is a crime that affects you physically, mentally, and emotionally; this presentation will increase your awareness, identify the signs of a stalker, and know what steps to take to assist law enforcement to a safe outcome.