Juvenile Impact Program

What is The Juvenile Impact Program (JIP)? 

Juvenile Impact Program LogoFor decades the Denton County Sheriff’s Office has developed programs to work with the youth and parents in Denton County. The Juvenile Impact Program is a four hour program in which juveniles are faced with the consequences and choices of their behavior.

JIP partners with law enforcement, the juvenile justice system, volunteers, and previous criminal offenders in an attempt to divert the youth of Denton County from future involvement with the criminal justice system. Through this collaboration, it is our goal to give the youth a firsthand account of the negative effects they may face if they continue to make negative/destructive decisions which leads to delinquent conduct.

This program gives youth and parents a venue to come together when relationships are strained. Parent participation in the program is necessary in order to receive support in learning the law and how to maneuver through the potential dangers their children face.  The program also gives parents and juveniles information about the juvenile justice system and the consequences of being incarcerated. 

The JIP program is a FREE program!

Who may attend?

Any juvenile that resides in Denton County, 10 to 17 years of age, that has been referred by a school, court or parent may attend the program. Most of the juveniles attending the program have engaged in delinquent behavior or are at risk for such behavior. Many have been truant, runaway, or disruptive in class, but are not yet in the juvenile justice system.

Who may place a juvenile in the program?

Any parent, teacher, peace officer or court may place a juvenile or recommend that he or she attend JIP. Placement or recommendation by anyone other than the courts is voluntary. 

How are juveniles placed in the program?

A referring person or court should first notify the parent(s) of the juvenile being referred and request that the parents contact the Denton County Sheriff’s Office Juvenile Impact Program to schedule a date. All who attend receive a certificate of attendance.

What is required of parents? 

At least one parent or guardian must accompany the juvenile for the entire program. No tobacco may be used and no food or drinks are allowed. There will be one convenience break midway through the program.  

For more information, please contact:

Office: (940) 349-1515