County Criminal Court 4

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Public Notice

County Criminal Court #4 Docket Process under COVID Restrictions

Pursuant to Office of Court Administration Guidelines, no non-essential hearing should be held in person unless it is not possible or practicable to conduct the hearing remotely. Therefore, defendants and defense counsel should not appear at any setting unless ordered to appear by the court. In person hearings will be kept to a bare minimum. Social Distancing procedures will be in place and the number of people allowed in the court will be limited.  All those waiting to enter the courtroom are required to social distance in the hallway until asked to enter the courtroom.  Masks will be required for all in-person court proceedings.   

Reset forms will be available on the County Criminal Court #4 forms page.

Court dates can be viewed at the County Records Inquiry Site.

Court Appointed Attorney Application & DEFENDANTS WITHOUT ATTORNEYS:

If you wish to apply for a court appointed attorney, fill out the online application. You will be notified by the court if you are approved.

Please do not come to court if you are sick. If you are sick, please notify the court and they will postpone your setting.

Defendants with attorneys: 

Please consult with your attorney to see if your appearance in court will be necessary. 


To Reset a Case:

E-file a filled out Reset Form (with Attorney signature) by noon on the day of the court setting. Blank case reset forms and reset dates can be found on the Criminal Court #4 Forms page.

To Plea a Case:

If you have reached a plea agreement with the State and want to dispose of the case, please contact Amanda Kish to schedule a plea hearing. Plea  Hearings will take place on Tuesdays from 8:30 – 1:00 pm. You must have a set time before you can appear. Please contact Amanda Kish to obtain your set time. Plea hearings will be done in person with the attorney and defendant both in the courtroom. Plea paperwork can be found on the Criminal Court #4 Forms page.

To Set a Case for Trial:

Please fill out the Jury Trial Setting Form and contact Amanda Kish  for the Pretrial Date. Defendant, defense counsel and ADA will need to sign the form. Defense counsel can sign for Defendant if counsel has consulted with Defendant. ALL CASES SET ON THE TRIAL DOCKET WILL BE SET FOR A PRETRIAL DATE UNTIL OUR COURTS RECONVENE TRIALS. No actual trial dates will be issued at this time.

WARNING:  Do not attempt to contact a judge - by mail, e-mail, phone, or in person - about any pending or potential lawsuit! Doing so may result in serious consequences.

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