Application Process

  1. Inquiry or Referral
    • Defense attorney, prosecutor, or a referring agency contacts the Mental Heath Court (MHC) prosecutor
  2. Prosecutor Review
    • Mental Health Treatment Court (MHTC) Prosecutor reviews case file and criminal history to determine initial program eligibility
    • If eligible, defendant receives MHTC Application Booklet
  3. Screening
    • Defendant signs Screening Agreement, completes MHTC Application Booklet, and contacts Screening Officer to schedule an interview
    • Screening Officer writes an initial Mental Health Diversion Report (MHDR)
    • Screening Officer, after consultation with the Treatment Team, refers Defendant for Mental Health Evaluation
  4. Mental Health Evaluation
    • Defendant contacts Mental Health professional to schedule evaluation
    • Mental Health professional writes an evaluation report
    • Screening Officer adds a summary of the evaluation report to the MHDR.
  5. Collaborative Review
    • Treatment Team meets to review MHDR and determine final eligibility
  6. Program Admission
    • Defendant signs integrated Treatment Plan (with attorney) and begins reporting to MHTC